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Malunion is little opposite to Nonunion fracture. After a bone gets fractured, the body starts to heal the bone. In the healing process, if the two ends of the fractured bone are not lined up properly, then bone doesn’t heal in the correct position. When your hand, wrist, forearm, knee or any other part got fractured and while healing somehow the bone being twisted, shortened, or bent.

Malunions occur when the bones are not properly aligned when immobilized, or not seeking treatment after the fracture. Malunions are painful and result in swelling around the fracture and degeneration of the bone and tissue.

Causes Of Malunions

In adults, malunion mostly happen due to inadequate immobilization, i.e. lack of movement or exercise, premature weight-bearing or ineffective surgical treatment internally or externally to fix the fracture.

In children, malunion might form due to partial or complete damage of growth plates during trauma, or overgrowth of bones after providing treatment to the fracture can also lead to limb length differences or angulation deformities.

Malunion Fracture Surgery in Hyderabad

You can notice the symptoms of malunion after the fracture is healed:

  • Angulation, i.e. the bone being bent, shortened or twisted.
  • The fractured part may not flex or extend like before.
  • Excessive swelling
  • Possibly shortening of the bone
  • Improper functioning of the involved limb.
  • If the malunions forms in joints, you may notice joint stiffness.

Best Surgeon for Malunion Fractures in Hyderabad

Initially, the doctor will see the patient’s history of the treatment process given to the bone fracture. Mostly, doctors prefer X-ray to diagnose malunion. Often a CT scan or an MRI can also be used in the diagnosis of malunion. MRI helps to check issues related to cartilage and ligament that may develop malunion and misalignment. CT scans help to find abnormal structures and to guide the placement of instruments during the surgical procedure.

How Is Malunion Fractures Treated?

If any person diagnosed with malunion, then surgical treatment is the most common treatment for a malunion. Dr. Vasu Juvvadi is one of the best trauma surgeons in Hyderabad who has treated hundreds of similar cases successfully.

He provides treatment to realign the bone position in order to improve the functioning of the damaged part. The procedure involves the re-breaking of the bone and realigns the fracture. As we know, malunion is of various forms, so in some cases, the bone might be trimmed at the fractured ends for proper orientation to straighten the bone into proper position. In some cases screws, plates or pins might be inserted for support. Additionally, some surgeon might perform bone grafting that helps in faster fracture healing.

Post-operative Care By Dr. Vasudev Juvvadi

Postoperative care is very important to avoid malunion. Here are the post-operative care tips from the doctor:

  • In some complicated cases, the patient should be under observation for the first 24 hours after surgery.
  • After surgery, keep the dressing of the fracture CLEAN and DRY to avoid possible infections to the wound and other healing complications.
  • Pian relief prescription will be provided after the surgery. They are not preferred to take it with other pain medication unless advised by the doctor.
  • Avoid driving for until the fracture heals completely
  • Stop drinking alcohol
  • Avoid smoking and use of other tobacco products like nicotine gum or nicotine patches.
  • It would be best if you did not bear more weight near the surgical area.
  • Never skip doctor visits, consult your doctor regularly for a check-up
  • The doctor will evaluate the fracture estimates the healing at your regular appointments
  • After several weeks of surgery, probably you may feel stiff and weak due to immobilization at the site of the fracture. So the patients are recommended to get treatment from an occupational Therapist to regain lost functionality.

Choosing the best doctor is very important in treating malunion fractures. Dr. Vasudev Juvvadi is highly experienced trauma surgeon in treating malunion fractures of all conditions. If you are experiencing such problems, don’t hesitate to visit our hospital for the best treatment. You no need to live with deformities anymore.