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What Is Failed Trauma?

Implantation failure is one of the common failed trauma. When you have had a fracture or damaged any of your body parts it is considered as trauma. However, they are treated by any means and in some cases to support the damaged areas of bone fracture, joint fracture etc, surgeons implant artificial parts like plates, screws, nails, wires etc. These implants are intended to perform a specific function.

In most of the cases, doctors operate and repair the damaged parts successfully by implanting some supportive parts. After some time these implants may not function properly for which it is inserted can cause trauma which is called as implantation failure or failed trauma.

Failed Trauma Treatment in Hyderabad

An implant is a foreign body induced into our body by the surgeon at the site of damage where it is intended to perform certain lost functions. These implants are said to be failed if it stops to perform the function for which they are inserted. They may lose functions due to:

  • Deformation
  • Erosion
  • Fracture
  • Instability
  • Damage to implant
  • Inadequate implant
  • Loosening of implants
  • Insufficient bone support
  • In some cases, implants cause annoying complications like pain, infection or toxicity that lead to rejection
  • A manufacturing defect is also a major concern

There is a popular saying that the true cause of implant failure is not actually device failure but in fact, the surgeon fails to understand the principles of fixation and limitations of the implants. An orthopaedician should be aware of the biomechanical characteristics of the tools using. So it is important to consult an expert and experienced doctor for better results.

Your body reacts in two ways under load on the implant area i.e. It deforms and changes its shape due to strain and It generates excess force internally due to stress. In a structure, stress greatly weakens the structure. When a damaged bone is fixed with an artificial plate, the plate shares the limb load with bone and the bone is relieved from its original load that ultimately reduces the bone density.

Metals and Alloys or Polymers or Ceramics are the materials that are used to make these artificial implants.

Implant Failure Surgery in Hyderabad

Revision surgery is the major surgical treatment performed to replace the previously failed implants with new implants. They are replaced because they may be damaged or due to improper functioning. Revision surgery might be challenging because, after surgery scar tissue will be developed and soft tissues become less visible that makes it difficult to perform revision surgery or second surgery.

Usually, it is recommended when the implants causing more troubles or no longer works. It is a complex procedure where the surgeon needs to adjust or remove the original implant that grown into the existing bone and restored with a new device. Revision surgery provides various benefits which include:

  • Relieves the pain in the affected part
  • Restores the stability of the affected part
  • Improves the mobility
  • Corrects the deformity if it is present
  • Cures the infection
  • Minimize further bone loss at the knee

When Do You Need Revision Surgery?

Revision surgery is suggested by doctors with increased pain and decreasing functions of the parts. Revision Surgery is recommended for various other reasons including:

  • Loosened implants
  • Infection around the implants
  • Instability in case of joints
  • Malalignment of the parts
  • Unusual swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Fluid leakage

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